Elevator service Atlantic City

VDA currently offers the leading Atlantic City elevator service menu for businesses to enjoy. Our elevator consulting in Atlantic City goes beyond fixing broken elevators, as we can provide a long list of options. The selection of services we offer at VDA is continuously expanding to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

Five Popular Elevator Services Provided by VDA

In addition to elevator repair in Atlantic City, NJ, our team at VDA can construct, install, and maintenance commercial escalators and elevators. By understanding the deep complexities of the advanced machinery, our service staff can provide efficient and affordable services to all industries and sectors.

  1. Elevator and Escalator Inspections – Third-party safety inspections are required in some areas by local laws. After conducting an annual review, our staff will report and file all of the information and findings to the appropriate offices. Copies of all documentation also are sent to our clients. Testing is conducted to meet mandatory codes and regulations.
  2. New Construction Services – Customers can always rely on our crew at VDA to lend a helping hand with new elevator and escalator construction projects. Design development is utilized to create a schematic design that has undergone traffic analysis testing. Layouts, drawings, and maintenance information are all included in the new construction service package. Progress visits and follow-ups are other perks customers can expect when working with us at VDA.
  3. Updating Existing Equipment – A business may already have escalators or elevators in place, but VDA can help upgrade all available equipment. The life expectancy of these systems ranges from fifteen to twenty-five years, but the technological advances that have recently been made have called many companies to upgrade their units. After a preliminary evaluation, our staff will make suggestions to best suit your business and your budget. All construction documentation is prepared on behalf of the client. A bid review, shop drawing review, and follow-up review are all conducted by our expert staff.
  4. Maintenance Agreements – Proper maintenance is vital to the longevity of your elevator or escalator system. After a maintenance scope that is tailored to your industry, our team will identify which services are needed and their frequency. Call back procedures and guidelines are presented in clear language that is easy to define. All contract lengths have reasonable terms for both parties.
  5. Quality Control Evaluations – At VDA, we offer a Maintenance Quality Control Evaluation Program that thoroughly investigates and evaluates the vertical transportation machinery used by companies in all sectors and industries. Code violations, mandatory tests, and maintained conditions are all things you can expect from our quality control evaluation services. Equipment profiles and remedial solutions are included.

Elevator and Escalator Consulting Services Currently Available

At VDA, we are currently accepting new customers for all areas of services we offer. Anyone who wants to learn more about how we can serve their company shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call at 973-994-9220. Our team can provide you a detailed rundown of each elevator and escalator service we offer at VDA.

Elevator service Atlantic City

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Elevator service Atlantic City

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