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As buildings get taller, there’s a need for safer, faster, and more advanced elevators. This has prompted innovation, with manufacturers releasing new designs, features, and parts every year. As a result, there are several categories and different types of elevator systems available. Each of these is designed to work optimally in unique conditions.

VDA has worked on a portfolio of projects involving vertical transportation systems for shopping malls, airports, commercial offices, and other types of buildings all across the country. Hence, building owners and managers can get our quality elevator service in Ankeny Iowa, Portland OR, St. Louis MO, among other cities countrywide.

What are the Different Types of Elevators?

The two common types of elevators are:

  • Hydraulic Elevators – These are elevators used for low-rise buildings, usually between 2-8 stories. They are supported by a piston at the bottom. During ascension, a motor pumps hydraulic fluid into the piston. A valve then releases the fluid as the elevator descends. The different variations include conventional, hole-less, and roped hydraulic elevators. These elevators generally cost less to install and maintain compared to other types.
  • Traction Elevators with Machine Room – These elevators are more suitable for mid and high-rise buildings. They're faster than hydraulics and are lifted by ropes. There are two main categories, which are geared and gearless traction elevators. The latter can travel for distances of up to 2,000 feet.

Different Elevator Categories

Some of the elevator categories commonly used are:

  • Passenger Elevators – These are lifts designed to move people between floors. They usually have interior features such as mirrors and displays. They can be found in commercial and residential buildings.
  • Freight Elevators – Designed to carry heavy loads, these elevators are used to transport goods.
  • Dumbwaiters – These are also used to transport goods, but they are much smaller in size. They can be used to carry lighter loads such as groceries between floors.
  • Sidewalk Elevators – They are used to carry cargo. Sidewalk lifts allow direct access to a sidewalk from the basement. They simplify the process of loading and unloading goods.

What's the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Elevators?

Elevators used in commercial settings differ from those in residential buildings in the following ways:

  • Residential elevators are exempted from the size and weight regulations imposed on those in commercial property. Also, residential elevators are smaller in size and carry less weight. That is because they’re not usually intended to support the frequent and heavy traffic that lifts in public areas do.
  • Commercial elevators require frequent inspection and maintenance due to the heavyweight they carry and regular use. Elevators in residences are not used as much, and, therefore, require less maintenance.

Simplified Movement

Using the wrong type of elevator for the wrong purpose can lead to frequent breakdowns, which can cause accidents. VDA has qualified and experienced professionals who can help you choose the right lift depending on your needs. We offer elevator service in Ankeny Iowa for residential, commercial, and even industrial projects. Give us a call today on 973-994-9220 to discuss what you want.

elevator service Ankeny Iowa

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elevator service Ankeny Iowa

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