Our Clients

VDA’s client base includes some of the most recognized architects, engineering firms, developers, building owners, real estate management organizations and major corporations. All have called on VDA to consult for innovative plans and solutions that make every new project a showcase of aesthetics, efficiency, and safety in context of proposed structural function and surrounding settings. The firm applies the same diligence and unique approach to every assignment from the smallest residential job to the largest commercial campus or transportation hub.

Our expertise has contributed to a wide variety of successful new construction, modernization or adaptive reuse projects involving commercial office buildings, retailers, residential facilities, museums, schools and universities, courthouses, hotels, convention centers,historical sites, landmark buildings, athletic facilities, parking garages and transit installations in airports, rail stations and subways.

VDA has provided our full range of elevator consulting services in all market segments and clients big and small. Below is a list of the areas where we have or are continuing to provide our services:

Mixed Use - VDA has extensive experience in the unique elevator systems’ in mixed-use buildings where the distinct needs of the different user groups are a creative challenge during schematic design development. Our expertise has contributed to the success of the building transportation systems in numerous mixed-use projects all over the world.

Hospitality - Hotels in New York, Oregon, Bangkok, Florida, and Atlantic City represent just a few tourist destinations that carry the VDA mark of excellence in transportation systems, moving people up, down, and horizontally in a timely manner without crowding.

Retail - VDA has developed extensive experience in Retail Related Projects and we are particularly sensitive to the different elevatoring needs of all management and consumers. We have a history of providing our full range of services for a number of big box retail locations.

Commercial - VDA has developed extensive experience in commercial office buildings and we are particularly sensitive to the different elevatoring needs of all management and employees. We carefully consider the impact of the population and travel patterns, as well as existing or anticipated building conditions, in order to design efficient and cost-effective elevator and escalator systems. VDA offers comprehensive elevator and escalator consulting services and unique solutions for the world’s most iconic and challenging commercial offices.

Educational - Over the years, VDA has developed an expertise in providing our servicers for various educational facilities, ranging from Pre-K – 12 and Higher Education. In addition to projects involving equipment evaluations and development of master plans. VDA currently is involved in master plan development, new construction, modernization projects, and vertical transportation equipment evaluations for major universities and private and public elementary/secondary schools throughout the Northeast and Middle Atlantic. These include planning ADA upgrades, renovations, and additions.

Healthcare - VDA has developed extensive experience in healthcare facilities and we are particularly sensitive to the different vertical transportation needs of patients, staff, and visitors. We carefully consider the demands these needs create, as well as existing or anticipated building conditions, in order to design efficient and cost-effective elevator systems. We are currently providing our services to some of the country’s largest healthcare facilities.

Private and Public Residential -Throughout the years VDA has been providing our services for all kinds of residential projects from Pubic housing projects, condominiums and high-rise residential towers all over the country. Whether an architect is designing a new building, or a building owner is experiencing their elevators running below standards, VDA has the experience and expertise to assist.

Transportation/Mass Transit – From the largest airports to mass transit and train stations, VDA has provided New Construction, Modernization and the survey of existing equipment in them all. We have developed an expertise in elevators, escalators and moving walks to handle the capacity of a particular transit project.

In addition to all of the market segments listed above, we have also provided services in a vast number of Performance Halls, Athletic Facilities, Museums and industrial buildings in all major markets throughout the company.