Upcoming Changes to the Elevator & Escalator Code in NYC

October 27, 2022

Effective November 7, 2022, changes to NYC Building Code and the Elevator and Escalator Code become effective and will have a considerable impact on modernizations and new installations.

Owners considering a modernization/alteration or new installation of vertical transportation equipment should contact our office to review these upcoming changes.

Projects currently under contract, that may or will not have permits secured and issued for all devices prior to November 7, 2022, will also be impacted. A conversation with your VDA Elevator Consulting contact is recommended as soon as possible.

While the list of Code changes is extensive, below are some limited excerpts of additions to Code that will impact elevator modernization and construction projects:

The Permanent Two-Way Communication Means Within the Car

On the same panel as the “PHONE” pushbutton:

  • A message shall be displayed that is activated by authorized personnel to acknowledge that communications are established. The message shall be permitted to be extinguished where necessary to display a new message or when the communications are terminated.
  • Messages shall be displayed which permit authorized personnel to communicate with and obtain responses from a trapped passenger including a passenger who cannot verbally communicate or cannot hear.
  • A message shall be displayed that is activated by authorized personnel to indicate when help is on the way. The message shall continue to be displayed until a new message is displayed or the communication is terminated.
  • A means to display video to observe passengers at any location on the car floor, to authorized personnel for entrapment assessment, must be provided.

Destination–Oriented Elevators

Hall call console number and location: Hall call consoles (input devices) shall be located and provided in a number complying with Section 1109. or 1109., as applicable. Exception: Where hall call consoles are an integral part of security barriers, at least one console for each type of use at each distinct location shall be located on an accessible route connecting to the elevator landings served by all such consoles.

  • Main Lobbies and Transfer floors must provide at least one wall-mounted hall call console adjacent to each elevator hoistway entrance. When the accessibility function button is activated, the system shall assign an elevator car located to one side (left or right) of the hall call console to be the responding elevator.

These are but a few of the Code changes that may impact your project.  They are only excerpts and do not represent the entirety of a change to a specific section and/or the entire Code.

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